Affordable Permanent Electrolysis
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Advantages of Electrolysis

Obtain Smooth Skin with No Maintenance Electrolysis in New York, NY

Electrolysis is a sophisticated, permanent hair removal treatment. It utilizes an epilator to project sound waves into the hair follicle, which stops new hair from growing. Since this process also destroys the follicle, it prevents further hair growth. Electrolysis is more effective than shaving and waxing since it stops new hair from growing. The US FDA recognizes this procedure as a permanent solution for eliminating hair. 

Whether your aesthetic goals involve removing unsightly facial or body hair, you can count on electrolysis to attain the look you want. This procedure can be used on any portion of the body, except for in the nose or ears. Electrolysis is especially effective at getting rid of facial and body hair, including peach fuzz and full beards. 

Inhibit New Hair Growth

In addition, electrolysis is highly versatile. It is a permanent hair removal treatment for women and men. The procedure will work effectively on clients of all skin and hair types. By choosing an experienced electrologist, you may schedule a series of visits that will remove excess or unwanted hair over time. Successive treatments ensure that the procedures will deactivate hair follicles and prevent new hair from coming back. 
Attain a new, revitalized appearance: I am at your side. By utilizing the latest technology and adhering to strict safety standards and protocols, I offer hair removal treatments that are safe and effective. All treatments are conducted in a clean and private environment. When you visit my office, you may count on me to handle all of your hair removal needs.

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