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Safe Electrolysis Hair Removal in New York, NY

Affordable Permanent Electrolysis provides safe electrolysis hair removal in New York, NY. Call or text for an appointment for friendly service and expert hair removal for all skin types at (212) 633-1503.

Q: What is electrolysis?

A: Electrolysis is the killing of the papilla (the living organ that grows the hair at the base of the follicle). By inserting a fine stainless steel probe, a short burst of a.c. shortwave current makes the water molecules bump into each other. This causes friction and then heat permanently damages the papilla. It’s gradual but permanent hair removal.

Q: Should I be cleanly shaven before electrolysis treatment?

A: Nope! You need just 2-3 days of hair growth. If it’s the face, you can leave a patch like a silver dollar to grow for 2-3 days and then shave the rest. I need to grab the hair with the tweezers and insert a probe along the direction your hair is growing.

Q: Is electrolysis painful?

A: It’s less painful than regular tweezing. The probe (the same width as the hair) is inserted down the existing follicle. It’s not puncturing the skin. You will feel a quick but slight heat sensation and then the hair is released. A professional electrologist may use older and slower transistor machines that deliver the pulse in tenths of a second to full second duration. I use the Apilus Senior II, which has a computer microchip that delivers the pulse in hundredths of a second. This is so much faster! With an older and slower machine, it’s like waving your finger through a flame slowly compared to very fast. My treatments are much more comfortable.

Q: How long does it take to get a smooth body without hair with electrolysis?

A: Electrolysis is gradual but permanent since the same hair follicle takes 8-12 weeks to regrow. That means in 6 months of once-a-week treatments; each hair has been damaged twice. There is much, much less hair, and it takes longer to regrow new hair. You’re coming back less often. On the face, 70% of the hairs are visible, and 30% of the hairs are dormant. But on the body, 30% of the hairs are visibly growing, and 70% are dormant. A good way to think of it is if you have 100 hairs in an area, and they are treated once, 50 will grow back, but 25 of those will regrow more spread out.

Q: Does electrolysis leave permanent scarring on my skin?

A: Thermolysis hair removal electrolysis is the safest, least painful, and quickest modality. I use it because it kills by heat and does not leave any permanent scarring when done correctly as I do. It’s important to wait 7 days in between treating the same area. This allows the skin time to heal completely. “Blend” uses a d.c. current which reacts with existing salt and moisture to create sodium hydroxide or lye. The lye damages the papilla by chemical decomposition, so there is a risk of pitting whenever you are working with lye. With Thermolysis, it’s common to have redness that goes away after 1-2 hours. There may be some scabbing, but these fall off in 1-2 weeks.

Q: Do you do electrolysis permanent hair removal for men below the belt?

Yes! I am one of the few people that does. Many men have very strong, scratching hair in the genital area they want to have removed from the scrotum and penis shaft. There is a very high skill level required for this; it requires very delicate hand-eye coordination.

Q: Do you do electrolysis permanent hair removal for women below the belt?

A: Yes! I am one of the few people that does. I remove hair completely from the entire bikini area and labia majora, the inside, as well as anus hairs, to leave you completely smooth permanently. A very high skill level is required for this because it requires delicate hand-eye coordination.

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